Features for Production Microservices

The service mesh solution that lets you focus on code, not infrastructure.

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Visibility and insights for your microservice environment

  • Hosted SaaS solution for reduced TCO
  • No infrastructure to set up or maintain
  • Details and insights into errors and warnings
  • Customizable alerts and events
  • Visualize your cluster and microservices
  • End-to-End policy map for your services
  • Debug your cluster even when it is offline
  • Time series and real-time data and monitoring

Service Mesh

An intelligent communication fabric built on open source

  • Service discovery
  • Intelligent load balancing and request routing
  • Secure service-to-service communication
  • Efficient health monitoring
  • Policy enforcement
  • Blue/Green and canary testing
  • Circuit breaking
  • Unified logging and request tracing
  • Rate limiting
  • HTTP, HTTP2, GRPC support


Access to fanatical engineering and fully supported

  • Fully tested, packaged and documented
  • Technical support
  • Troubleshoot production issues
  • Upstream bug fixes and enhancements
  • Community representation
  • Performance optimization

Confidence in your production applications

Solving problems for DevOps teams in real production deployments

End-To-End Integration

Integrate, test and fully understand the impacts of new applications, services and versions with Blue/Green and Canary deployments

API Lifecycle Management

Intelligent URL and L7 routing and load balancing for efficient heterogeneous API and service communication

Logging and Tracing

A single point to insert logging and request tracking allows for a unified global view of application behaviors and side effects

Visibility and Insights

Understand your applications' behavior with a complete view of your microservice infrastructure and the communication patterns of your services


Isolate and investigate problems in an ephemeral, transient environment so that nagging problems do not come back

Policy and Network

Increase developer efficiency by leveraging the service mesh for features like service discovery, circuit breaking, retries and health monitoring

Features you need. The confidence you demand.

Built on open source with the added features required for production environments

Aspen Mesh Istio Linkerd
Service Discovery
Intelligent Load Balancing
Request Routing
Circuit Breaking
Secure Communication
Distributed Tracing
Blue/Green Deployments
Service Authentication and Identification
Canary Testing
Prometheus Monitoring
Hosted SaaS
Unified Visibility and Insights Dashboard
Alerting and Notification Service
Error and Warning Insights
Preemptive Failure Notification
Technical Support

Let us take the burden out of managing microservices

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